Samstag unites art, design and handcraft.


The manufactory is like a home for fine materials with history that are the source for our uniquely designed objects to ride and live with. With much love for details we conjure desirous things you want to touch, use and play with. The terms adapted and uniform don´t suit Samstag, instead we endow things a soul.  

Bring us your treasures, we refurbish them. Let us embellish your bike, grandmas closet, the barn or houseboat. Crazy projects change lives! Put hands on in one of our workshops and build the vehicle or furniture you are dreaming of.

In any case it bears alot of sense, aesthetics and an appreciation for what has been approved. That´s what Samstag is about.   

Business offer for a huge and/or outstanding company!



100 & 100

An artist brings it to life...

an organisation makes it larger than life!


Five years have passed since I started the project Samstag Rad. The result is a fine and acknowledged brand with an artistic touch. About 100 proud bicycle riders enjoy unique two-wheelers exclusively built for them. A good moment to pass the project over to other hands. To make it a total work of art 100 additional bicycles shall be built. Maybe by the hands of 100 creative heads of a corporation.

An artist had an an organisation can make it something great. The options are versatile: You could use the project to raise attention for your social commitment (CSR), as incentive event, for team-buildings or even as marketing campaign presenting stunning photographs and videos. I will artistically and technically support the process if wanted. 100 & 100 is a one of a kind offer. More information in the Shop.