The workshop


Materialist and designer

I´m lazy in school and unadapted. Adventures, like building tree houses, are waiting in erratic nature. With his passion for crafts an his tender but severe hint „You gotta see and feel it“ my father awakes my sense for material. Meanwhile my mothers statement „Of course you can do this“ early encourages me to regularly dare new things. At the latest when friends and I tune mopeds in garages it´s obvious: designing and modifying are my nature.  

I break with civil engineering studies when film and drama (Bachelor of Arts) attract me more. For a few years, in the 90s, I waste inventive talent in the advertising industry (where smugness and empty promises still rule over creativity). Afterwards, without academic education, I become an artist. Because I was in the mood for it. Somehow I´m successful and can afford a Master of Arts (Arts?) in Media Management in 2008. Why this subject? In ordert o see through the methods and connections between media and general management. And maybe, in order to reconcile myself with the world of boundless consumtion. Because I appreciate documentary films I produce a few. Completing a film about the abyss of dishonesty in hte art market I consequently have to leave.  

The search for something honest and fulfilling guides me back to the fascination for material. An experiment with descarded metal arises to establishing the brand Samstag (2012). Five years after I want more than solely building bicycles. In July 2017 I encounter a horrible house that will be torn down. After four straining weeks three tons of old material were salvaged – intuitively a new project is born and changes my life. The process of destruction and recycling causes a tranformation for the Samstag brand as well.   

The original idea

Bicycles left in the streets make a sad picture. Many of them made by quality brands were built to last and served as comfortable vehicles for decades. Nowadays people get rid even of rare classics because of flat tires, poor brakes or simply because they´ve lost their shine over the years. Carelessly they are replaced by cheap and ugly discount-bikes - a regrettable trend which called a passionate guerilla-movement on the pavement: Samstag Rad.


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