Samstag for Ladies

Our different offers with price ranges you´ll find on the bottom of this page. More bikes to look at in the german section.  



28' swan neck frame (size 55 cm) made by the quality brand STRICKER from Bielefeld in the late 1950s. The original blue paint has a nice patina and was preserved with a special oil mixture. 3-gear internal hub, chrome wheels and a few fancy parts make it a nostalgic eye-catcher. For the timeless lady with a classy taste.

700 Euro. Similar frames on request.


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Women can chose among five categories:

- You select one of about 25 ready to go bicycles from the show room (from 700 €)

- You get inspired by the ones you see and let us build one especially for you. Color and components are your choice. (from 1.000 €) 

- Chose an object of art. We create an exceptionally unique bicycle taking your special wishes into account. (starting at 2.000 €)

- Bring us your old bike and we make it a beauty again. Defect parts will be exchanged by good and refurbished ones. A defect frame will be repaired. Includes some new parts such as tires and for brakes. (from 1.200 €)

- Chose among 100 elegant frames in stock with a nice patina (no new powder coat). The bike will have all refurbished parts and ride safely for a few more decades. (from 500 €)